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I am Amrik Singh Bains. I am retired. I was born in Punjab and brought up and educated in Kenya where I lived for 30 years before I came to England in 1983 and currently live in Slough near Heathrow Airport. I have worked as teacher in Kenya and as Probation Officer in England. I have also worked as a freelance journalist for various newspapers in Kenya and England and have written a number of small-size books on various aspects of Sikhism as sewa and distributed free in gurdwaras. I am now gathering information for my proposed book on Sikhs in Foreign Lands. Your organisation and episodes have interested me a lot and would like to establish contact with Mintu Brar or anyone else, who can provide personal profile about life in Australia as a Sikh and general information about Sikhs in Australia. The request has been made in good faith and the book is not a commercial venture. I shall self publish it with some support from welwishers and distribute free. I look forward to hearing from you and your suport in providing information if you like my project. On receipt of your reponse I shall email you what I have already drafted about Sikhs in Australia as well as a questionnaire for the information from you. Thank you and kind regards- Amrik

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