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[Jatinder Kumar] New Form Submission

Pendu Australia

Jatinder Kumar
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Dear Brar Sahb,
Good Evening from India. Basically I am from western UP.
I see your videos and like them very much.
In one of your videos you informed about a farm in Australia which collectively managing cooperative agriculture and they are very successful.
Since you are having a good viewership so I want to share with you a very big and successful cooperative farming and it is defeating all multinational working in India.
It’s name is Amul and its in milk business. You can get its details on net.
Just shared this information with you, so that if you can share this with your viewers, may be some body may take inspiration and can start such Enterprises.
Amul was started by a single person Dr V Kurian, who is known today as Milkman of India.
Profit is shared by its members /dairy farmers.
Hope you like this information.
Thanking You,
Jatinder Kumar

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