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SSA to pendu Australia show
I am your big fan since show started ever after got PR since watching your every show.i am really thankful to you that you are providing great knowledge to community.
Today i have a question to Sir Navjot Singh Kaily and i am trying to clear my question to him as he always request in show..
My name is Mandeep Singh i have a question regarding citizenship 4 years lawfully before applying include 1 year permanent resident.
I came to Australia 2008 on student visa and lived here as a student and some time bridging visa fews times every couple of year.and i left australia in May 2018,as my further student visa application refused,and went back to home country India.
Then i moved Australia with my partner in April 2019 permanent visa(190)since now still in Australia,and i am secondry candidate in application.
My partner only lived in Australia 3 moths before April 2019.so she is not eligible for citizenship till now.
But can I apply my citizenship and my question is that i am secondary applicant and out of country period only 11 months between May 2018 to April 2019.(and not valid Visa between 11 months).
Am i eligible as calulator said yes but only i am unsure about 11 months out of country without visa.
Plz answer my question it will be appreciated.
Phone call much appreciated after replied.

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