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Pendu Australia

Mandeep Singh
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General Enquiry
Regarding Australian citizenship
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SSA Mintu Ji

I am writing in regard to Australian citizenship ceremony cancellations due to the COVID19 issue, and as such delay in getting the Australian citizenship.

Sir, I and my wife had cleared the Australian citizenship test in October 2019 and already obtain the letter in Nov 2019 that we are eligible for Australian citizenship and we had to wait for the council letter in which we reside for further communication regarding the ceremony. But suddenly this COVID19 issue came, and it makes the situation altogether to a halt.

I wrote an email to my respective council i.e. Whittlesea (VIC) and they respond to me back by saying that I had to contact the DIBP.

Sir, I am a casual worker and there are so many government jobs that I couldn’t apply because I still did not get citizenship. On the other hand, government is not taking any steps regarding how to clear such a big backlog in this regard.

I think, rather than stick to the current Australian ceremonies (in the gathering), in this current situation they must take some alternate routes like Online ceremonies and allow us to become citizens so that we can apply to the government jobs.

Kindly provide me some suggestions and support.

Mandeep Singh Sidhu

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