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Palvir Kaur
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Regarding student dependent visa or tourist visa
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Hello Sir,

I am writing to you to seek help for the student dependent visa. I, Palvir Kaur, am a student (MBA) in Melbourne. I came to Australia in March 2019 as a visitor then got my student visa by applying it onshore. Now I want to apply for husband’s visa. My husband was in Australia for 7 years but he had to return due to his visa expiry in December 2016. He did his Automotive certificate 3 & 4 from Australia and got work experience as well but due to some problems he couldn’t apply for PR.
From India we both applied for visitors visa in January 2019 but his visa got refused whereas I was granted with the visa. After that no visa application was applied. Please guide me what can be done in this case.
Hope to hearing from you.

Thank you
Palvir Kaur

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