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Episode 178 | Pendu Australia | NRI Protesting Against Farmers Laws In India

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Episode 178 | Pendu Australia | NRI Protesting Against Farmers Laws In India

Pendu Australia team is visiting Geelong near Melbourne. Here we got a visit a park where NRI’s were protesting agains farming bills in India. We talked to those NRI’s and they shared their views about those laws. Please watch this episode and share your views in the comments section. NRIs’ Protesting for Farmers ~ Pendu Australia Episode 178 ~ Mintu Brar
Host: Mintu Brar
Background Music, Editing & Direction: Manpreet Singh Dhindsa
D.o.p.: Mandeep Singh Gill
Contact : +61434289905
2020 Shining Hope Productions © Copyright All Rights Reserved
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